Almost white

In the gallery Untitled MLXF of Andorra la Vella we bet from our opening for the diffusion of contemporary art with special attention to the new tendencies.

With this vocation and in our programming we are interested in the dialogue of different languages that we also articulate in the form of duets and that we develop on the basis of an idea.

Eduard Resbier (Barcelona, 1968) and Santiago Villanueva (Madrid, 1964), painter and sculptor respectively, respond to an antagonistic individual search and our interest, starting from white as a concept, raises several questions that seduce us to confront them in the same space.

New readings arise with the development of this combination of works that open our eyes to the corseted guidelines and prevailing aesthetic dictatorships. The trend, the formula, kills art.

Starting from the work of Kazimir Malevich White on White and some romantic approaches of the nineteenth century we see the possibility of putting together a discourse with the two artists. The romantic paintings of the Catalan Resbier and the minimalist sculptures of the artist from Madrid.

White on White is a beginning and end of art, the origin of an abstract painting as a reflection of pure emotion.

White is neutral and symbolizes purity and innocence. It can also be a symbol of peace, neatness and emptiness.

The psychology of color also associates it with lightness, modesty, simplicity and perfection.

And on the other hand there is the idea in the representation of the landscape:

The concept of the sublime is also linked to an emotion .

Romanticism as a search for the supernatural, for the transcendental, for divinity in nature.

It is curious to analyze how both issues can coexist, improve and achieve the common denominator of beauty, to feed back the soul.

Two current artists, with a long career and with different ways of observing and analyzing their time.

The result seems to us besides beautiful , expandable to an exhibition with more voices , more languages , more artists , whose message is to break barriers and labels .