Make a wish, is the exhibition proposal of Untitled MLXF for the Christmas season, which always invites us to give ourselves objects of desire.

Art collecting reveals itself as the need to possess that unique piece that most inspires and attracts us.

In our will and action to promote and spread contemporary art as an important part of culture, we want to present in this "Christmas show" the work of five artists who collaborate with us and present their most recent works.

The hyper-aesthetic abstract painting of Santiago Picatoste (Palma de Mallorca, 1971), the powerful images of the photo-performance of Cecilia Paredes (Lima, 1950), the delicious visual poetry of Pep Llambías (Alaró, 1954), the organic and sensual sculpture of Santiago Villanueva (Madrid, 1964) and finally the monochrome resins of Ivan De Menis (Venice, 1973) that contrast polished surfaces with poor edges where the creative process is observed.

The common denominator of white space creates a set-up of the works that allow echoes and form a spatial harmony in form and color, even though the artists are very different from each other in concept, techniques and media and belong to different generations.


December 2022