Read between the lines

The idea of this exhibition arises from the need to show my work to the public in a different way.

Not different in concepts or execution but in its interpretation, to analyze the work from a different point of view and in a more authentic and profound one; not limiting oneself to the aesthetic side of the work, but managing to see the concept that most characterizes my work, that is to say: an aspiration to emotional detachment, anti-subjectivity and coldness, proposing a peculiar emphasis on the object and its physicality.

The artistic product is identified with its structure, with elements such as surfaces, materials, shapes, thicknesses, angles, chromaticism: the result is an object.

Another objective is the search for a dialogue between forms, light and space.

All the works in this exhibition are characterized by their accentuated executive rigor. They are made up of a few geometrically defined elements, adopting an essential lexicon, they are presented as a variation of primary elements, pure and simple forms, with a chromaticism that often coincides with that of materials.

Nicolò Baraggioli

Untitled MLXF

March 2023