Structural color 

The exhibited works, of various dimensions, explore the particular language of the artist, saturated colors and apparent reliefs that arise from a very particular way of working.

They are works based on the study of structural color, which is the color that results from the microscopic structures of objects, which interfere with visible light, resulting in very striking, iridescent colors, which also vary depending on the angle at which they are viewed.

Roura understands painting as a medium that welcomes light.

Since he studied at the Escola Massana he has had the desire to paint as flat as possible, with minimal texture, so that he applies very thin layers of paint on a glass, glazes that are composing chromatic sediments, creating gaps and spaces that build almost sculptural volumes, to form a kind of skin that finally detaches and transfers to the final support.

His works embody the simplicity of a much more complex process.

He works in reverse, so that the first layer he applies will also be the first one the viewer sees.

This unique procedure forces him to think about the work with precision, because once a layer has been applied, he will not be able to retouch it.

In this way, the painting develops within itself.

It is within itself that the actions, the gestures and the different pictorial moments take action.

Possibly it is no coincidence then, that by working the painting from the inside, the resulting forms refer us to microscopic views that at the molecular level also show us the respective internal structures of the elements in question.

His patient way of working is evident, the desire to generate a contemporary way of beauty, the will to show the density of the layers of color.

He invites us, then, to an immersive and restful experience, to a patient contemplation of the work, as it is his creation, to really appreciate the infinity of nuances added to the initial assault of color of a first contemplation.

Perhaps his way of working in layers, by sediments that solidify, also has an autobiographical reading, in the same way that experience builds us and defines our character.

We are the result of a constant superimposition of experiences, emotions and experiences.

Untitled Art Contemporani

December 2023